6 Reasons to gift a painting

It is that time of the year again when the hunt for the perfect gift begins; when brains are racked and memories are revisited with a fine-tooth comb for hints and clues about what would make a good gift.

Your search for the perfect gift ends at Eikowa: paintings.

Unconvinced? Read on for 6 compelling arguments on why paintings should be your go-to gift this time. 

An Unexpected Gifting Option

When was the last time you excitedly unwrapped a gift to find a beautiful piece of art staring back at you? One that wonderfully encompassed the many layers of your relationship with the gifter while also speaking to your individual aesthetic sense? Chances are your answer ranges from 0 to 1.

Being the most under-used of gifting options means that art also tops the list of most unique gifts. So if you’re looking for something different from the typical  run-of-the-mill gifts, paintings are just the thing!


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Gifting Exclusivity

A concept brought to life through mastery over medium and held together through unique artistic vision – that is, in short, art. An artist’s vision and style set him apart from others, making every piece he paints unique – not just when compared to paintings of others, but when compared to his own paintings as well. No two paintings are the same, even when created by the same artist.

When you gift someone a painting, it is this exclusivity, this one-of-a-kind experience that you gift them. It is the knowledge that they and only they possess this original piece of art; the unique coming together of concepts, colours and style to create this particular painting.

When you gift someone a painting, you gift them a little piece of the world that is theirs and theirs alone.



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Up close and personal – or not!

Want to remind your best friend about the wonderful road trip that took you through the sights and sounds of rural India? Try JMS Mani’s Badami Girl.

Want to gift your mother a little piece of her Kolkatta childhood? Ananda Das’s Riskshaw Puller is just the piece!

Looking for a gift for your Impressionist-loving colleague? Try Madhuri Bhaduri’s ‘Ripples in a pond.’

Few gifting options provide one with a greater range for personalization that art. You can choose to make a piece as personal – or generic – as you wish. The sheer variety of styles and themes makes gifting art a wonderful experience!



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A gift that will remain untouched by Time

Few gifting options are as timeless in nature as art.

Twenty years down the line, that wonderful perfume you gifted will run dry, those designer clothes will no longer be in style and that high-end phone will be obsolete; but the art you gifted? That will continue to occupy pride of place on mantles and walls. It will continue to stir emotions and feelings as efficaciously then, as it does now.


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A Sound Investment

Most gifting options are forced into one of two categories: functional or whimsical. In this battle of ‘either/or,’ art triumphs by being ‘both.’

Original pieces of art by well-known artists make for a good investment, one that is sure to reap great dividends in the future.

So while your gift this time is sure to win over the receiver for its emotional connect, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that unlike other gifts, the value of yours will only continue to grow with time.

After all, how many gifting options can boast of being of immense sentimental value as well as of financial value?



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 A gifting option for all budgets

The sheer range of options art provides makes it the perfect gift for all budgets!

Whether you’re a student scrapping together your allowance for a gift, a MNC employee looking to pamper someone or a businessman with an unlimited budget – art has something for everyone!


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