7 reasons to buy a painting

Ben Elton once famously quipped, “Artists don’t create society, they reflect it!” To  buy and own a painting then, is to acknowledge the existence of your own hopes, dreams, fears and realities in the creation of another.

For those who are sitting on the fence about buying an original piece of art, here are 7 arguments that will compel you to take the plunge!

Reason 1: To Express Yourself – in Style!

Like almost everything you own, the art you own speaks volumes about you, your personality and sense of style. Every painting you buy is testament to your aesthetic sense. Art therefore, is as much about an artist expressing himself, as it is about a buyer doing the same.


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Reason 2: To own something that is as one-of-a-kind as you!

In today’s day and age of cookie-cutter tastes, original art comes as a much-needed breath of fresh air. A painting stands out amidst the sheen and fabricated polish of factory-produced goods; its vivacity visible in every stroke, a raw earthiness evident in its very texture.

As with all things handmade, no two paintings will ever be same. And the joy and satisfaction of owning something that is one-of-a-kind is truly unparalleled!



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Reason 3: To make a sound investment

Investors are increasingly looking at art as foolproof investment – with good reason too! Art requires minimal upkeep and maintenance, but grows steadily in value over time. As the artist’s standing and reputation grows, so too does the value of the painting!


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Reason 4: To create beautiful spaces

Paintings bring with them a life of their own. The stories they tell become fundamental to the essence of any room they are added to, making the rooms themselves characters in an engaging narrative.

With a wide range of styles and themes, art gives you the opportunity to transform the look and feel of any room, right from boring office spaces to welcoming family rooms.

It is also the perfect option for renters looking to personalize their space, sans any drastic renovations.


Amit-Bhar-In-The-Image-of-God-Acrylic-Oil-on-Canvas-Painting-EK-15-0034-OL-0009-30x40-1,70,000 copy.jpg

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Reason 5: To create an oasis of calm in your everyday life

Phones ringing off the hook, an influx of emails that demand to be answered, social calendars bursting with planned activities and a dead-line chasing life lived in grey cubicles and concrete jungles… amidst this cacophony of everyday life in the 21st century, art is an oasis.

Art creates a safe space for worldly worries to fade away, for the intellect to develop and for the creative mind to take root and blossom.

Whether it is the calming effects of Phan Thu Trang’s ‘Pastel Purple’, the exuberance of summer in Bahadur Singh’s ‘Valley of Blossoms ’, or the representation of the fiery incandescence of the human spirit in Chandan Das’ ‘The Red Blaze,’ – art forces you to recognize the vitality of life, in an age when most of us are merely existing.


Sanjay-Soni-I am-One-Acrylic-on-Canvas-Paintings-EK-15-0030-AC-0002-30x30.jpg

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Reason 6: To discover your own aesthetic sense

Buying and collecting art is often a process of self-discovery.

Does your taste drift towards the bold and strong styles of abstract artists like Dinakar Jadav? Or will the nuanced Indian Contemporary style of Jiban Biswas catch your eye? Will the tribal artistic style of Mukesh Bijole draw you? Or will the work of Contemporary Surrealist Joel Rea steal your heart?

There is a joy in understanding your own aesthetic sense and watching it evolve over time. After all, art is as much about understanding yourself as it is about understanding the world around you.



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Reason 7: To buy into something that is larger than you

When you buy a piece of art, you buy into something larger than you. You endorse a style that speaks to you, support a narrative that moves you, and put your faith in an artist who has helped you connect with something on a transcendental level.

So in addition to having a wonderful piece of art that is pleasing to the eye, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your patronage played a small role in the helping the artist continue creating magic.


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