Ramesh Pachpande: The Serenade of Love

Understanding love has been the subject of many a philosophical, artistic and spiritual conquest. While the definition remains as elusive, the many lines of thought usually converge in an understanding best summarized by F Scott Fitzgerald, ‘There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.’ Every love is as varied as the thumbprints of the bodies that house it.

Ramesh Pachpande’s depiction of love is an ode to the simplicity with which he perceives life. His paintings live in his rural roots and depict a world of serene innocence, charm and purity. But Pachpande’s integrity as an artist lies in the grace with which he peels away layers of societal approval and pretence to expose love as it looks at the most intimate and primal form without a square inch of vulgarity entering his canvas.

Pachpande’s material of choice is charcoal on paper. In his own words Pachpande expresses “When using charcoal and fingers on the paper I feel no separation between the paper and myself. This feeling of involvement itself makes me create my pieces of work.”

A Tender Moment 1 and A Tender Moment 2 

A Tender Moment 1 and A Tender Moment 2 are 15” x 51” vertical charcoal panel paintings. The rectangular format brings the figures close to each other in proximity creating a playful tension between the bodies. The faces and bodies are turned toward each other and the red bird adds the tenderness implied in the title of the paintings.


Songs Of Love

Pachpande proposes art as a channel for progressing in life and the medicine to keep oneself young forever. You can see his affinity for youthful love in his paintings Songs Of Love and My Melody For Your Beat. These 36” x 36” square format paintings depict the synchrony in the body movements of the subjects placing a subtext of effortless harmony as the mood of the painting. While Songs Of Love continues with the bird as a harbinger of playfulness, My Melody For Your Beat matches the beats of the mridangam to the harmony of the sitar.

My Melody For Your Beat

Pachpande’s figures draw close parallels with Indian forms and figures. Inspiration from timeless cornerstones of Indian art at Khajuraho and Ajantha Ellora are reflected in the expressions and structure of his paintings. His preservation of the Indian artistic heritage has made him a winner of 86th Annual All India Art Exhibition (2013) and a two time winner of  The Bombay Art society award.


The Love In Your Eyes

The final painting in the series is The Love In Your Eyes which is also measures to a 36” x 36”. This piece depicts a moment of absolute rapture. In the most elemental language of art, the two figures reflect a state if identical submission to signify the shedding of the self as an offering to belong to the collective.

While each of these paintings is complete on their own, they also complement each other seamlessly. What makes them unique is each painting captures moments of playfulness, celebration, harmony and submission. What binds them together is a single element in red across the paintings, the identical male and female figures and the overall theme of youthful love. The monochrome theme makes them easy to place in any home décor setting without upsetting or dominating the overall colour schemes in the room.

Ramesh Pachpande – Exhibitions and Solo Shows

Diploma in Art Education:1978 (Sir J.J.School of Art)

Solo Exhibitions:-

2013:-Navi Mumbai Art Festival Belapur, Navi Mumbai
2012:-Out Of The Blue,Hotel,Pune
2010/11:-Gallerie Leela,Mumbai
2009:-The Oberoi Art Walk,Mumbai
2008:-The Art Corner Exhibition at Out of the Blue, Khar, Mumbai
2007:-Artist Centre-Mumbai
2006:-Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank Art Gallery
2005:-Holy Cross Convent,Thane
1998:-Valentino Art Gallery,Thane

Group shows:-

2015:-Open Palm Court Gallery.Delhi.
2015:-joint Exhibition,Hoduya art gallery Suwon,South Corea.
2015:-Art Is In The Air at DUCTAC mall of the Emrirates by Art Zest Dubai.
2015:-World Art Dubai, Art Zest and Rajit Art Gallery.Dubai.
2015:-Jumeirah Islands Community Club Dubai by Rajit Art Gallery.
2014:- Accros the border,Asia house,London
2014:- Imperial Towers,Tardeo,Mumbai.
2014:- Hudco Art Gallery , Delhi
2014:- Group 7, Amadavad Ni Gufa, Ahmadabad
2014:- Ecstacy Of Thoughts,Japa Mahal Meharan Garh,Jodhpur
2014:- 7 Images, Art Faculty Vadodara.
2013:- Rhythm of Colors, Jehangir Art Gallery
2013:- Art Times 3rd Show,Kumarswamy Hall,Kala Ghoda Mumbai
2013:- Artzest Dubai
2012:- One Hundred Thousand,2nd & 3rd by Tad Art Gallery, Delhi
2012:-Tilting Art Gallery,Ishanya Mall,Pune
2012:- Lalit Kala Achademy,New Delhi
2012:-Nehru Centre,Art Gallery,Worli
2012:-Art zest ,Dubai
2011:-Varna Sambrama,Critrakala Parishad,Bangalore
2011:-Art Zest ,Dubai
2011:-One Hundred Thousand,2nd & 3rd by Tad Art Gallery, Delhi
2011:-Maya Art Gallery,Bangalore
2010:-Latitude,Centre for Performing Arts,Muscat
2009:-Within the Square, Point Of View Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009:-Suchitra Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009:-Dusk Art Gallery, Khar, Mumbai
2009:-Moksha Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008:-Art on the Turf, Pune
2008:-Sanskriti Lifestyle, Pune
2008:-Art for Concern, The Show of Contemporary Indian Art, Pune
2008:-Monsoon Art Exhibition by Concern India Foundation, Mumbai
2008:-Access Art Exhibition Vinyassa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai
2008:-Art exhibition by Concern India Foundation, Delhi
2008:-Exhibition of Indian Art, San Francisco, U.S.A
2008:-Exhibition of Indian Art, Melno Park, U.S.A
2008:-Exhibition of Indian Art, San Rafael, U.S.A
2008:-Art Vasti Mohotsav, Mumbai
2008:-Colors of India Art Exhibition, Singapore
2008:-Winter show by Concern India Foundation, Mumbai


2013:- 86th Annual All India Art Exhibition, AIFACS cash award
2013:- Artist of the Day-Jaipur Art Festival
2012:- The Bombay Art society award for Charcoal painting
2010:- The Bombay Art society award for Indian style painting


48th Maharashtra State Art Exibition,Mumbai
Camel Art Foundation,Western region
The Bombay Art Society
Art Society of India
Annual Art Exhibition Show,Artist Centre,Mumbai

Art Camp:-

2014 :-2nd International Art Festival(Camp)-Jaipur
2014 :-All India Artist’s camp (ICAC) ,nAGOThane
2013 :-International Art Festival(Camp)-Jaipur
2013 :-All India Painters Camp-Jodhpur
2007/2008/2011/2012/2013 :-Kalavarta, International Art Festival,Ujjain



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