Fiery Woods: A Bahadur Singh Series

“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye, it also includes the inner picture of the soul”


Nature is a picture of infinite beauty if we have eyes for them. Painting is a silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks. Bahadur Singh plays with his strokes to create magnificent silhouettes of the nature. He knows the art of playing with seasons well.

His deliberate use of bold and vibrant colors allows the admirers to escape into a picturesque world. His work echoes the rustling of nature through his oil paints and canvases. The nature takes on a different note with the elements of his abstraction.


The artist derives his inspiration from the world around as well as the world within. The natural surroundings in the vicinity of the artist provide him the comfort of bringing out his heart. He portrays what he sees.

His works are the representation of his inner self. For him, art is hope and it gives a meaning to life.

The artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature in to his painting. His artworks are visual calligraphy of paints.


His paintings are a providence of great revelation that nature is such a beautiful thing to have happened to humans.

The artist who brings the unimaginable before the imagined world through his bold and meaningful strokes has received his Bachelor’s in Fine Art from the College of Art in Delhi. He uses his knowledge at best to provide a correlation with the inner humanity through his painting. The language of his art is a romance with the most magnificent hues.


Nature conveys and exists in more than the rustling of its green and yellow leaves. The depth projected in the following painting suggests the depth of human mind and heart. There exist a difference between what is seen and what is not, common for both, nature as well as humans. Nature is trapped in human endeavors and human likewise is trapped by his nature to control every aspect of his life.

The nature in its depth hides many a secrets and untold truths, similarly does the human carry his unshared tales in the million fold leaves of his life.

One cannot help but appreciate the artist for placing forth such a brilliant thought and juxtaposing the bounty of nature with humans’ demeanor and nature.


This is yet another magnificent painting by the artist.

You must be wondering whether such a tree exists in real. No. But the idea shared through it is very much a part of each one of us.

The artist has brilliantly communicated a wide range of ideas through his strokes.

The tree as a symbol for life stands for creation, nurturing and also detachment from life.


As the tree blossoms through various seasons, the ages and phases of human life are quite similar. The stroke of yellow symbolizes the need for more in humans while the red symbolize the emotions of love as well as anger simultaneously. The meager strokes of green symbolize regeneration. The strokes of green also stand for the hopeful future which stands with undiscovered opportunities that unfold through self-realization. The stems of the tree depict the height and scope of human reach.


The aspiration to reach high in humans is an amalgamation of various emotions that has been beautifully presented through the leaves of different seasons. The youthful yellow, the wise green, the raging red, the optimist orange and the aspiring and ambitious stems represent how life revolves. While optimism and wisdom can be associated with success, on the other hand red and brown strokes for stem represent the unfortunate downfall of man.

Life is like a tree, it rises and it falls, it blooms as well as it fades, while balance in its need can make it grow, but excess of anything will degrade it.


The artist’s work has been distinguished in various shows organized by several art galleries held in and across numerous cities.

The artist is highly renowned and is a well celebrated figure in the realm of art. He is globally recognized for his abstract representation of his emotions through his powerful streaks. Nature has received a new definition and a great revival through his strokes.


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