Mosaic of Life in Works of Avinash Deshmukh

“Am I just a mosaic of myself, held in the shape of a whole person?”


In our lives, we become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic – Different people, different beliefs, different yearlings, different hopes, and different dreams. Every particular movement around us is a Mosaic. Mosaic is about what we see and what we ignore to see. Every beautiful mosaic is a creation out of the broken pieces.

Our very existence is a mosaic, and most fail to notice the delicate tesserae floating down from the realm of the mind that form its images of beauty and horror. Artist, Avinash Deshmukh puts forth this striking feature in his picturesque paintings. The complexity of color and light that his strokes convey depicts the incredible poignancy of depth and mystery of life entwined with the genuine emotions of love and passion.


The artist’s work is nothing less than poetry. The paintings are themed around the emotion of love and passion. His works have a mythological influence to them owing to his religious background. The artist was born in 1982 and has obtained his G.D.Art in Drawing and Painting from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune.

Maharashtra has a royal past which inspires the artist to revolve his work around the theme of love and passion – Be it love for a person, or the land and passion for a pursuit or progress. Thus his paintings showcase modern strokes and colors and his characters are native providing a beautiful amalgamation of the old and new.


The artist asserts his inclination towards cart painting and mosaics that influence him to carve a mesmerizing depiction of his inner landscape projecting it through the royals.

His artwork is exceptional owed much to his extensive use of textures. His paintings contain in them a variety of silhouettes within which he integrates color blocking, making his artwork aesthetically alluring. With so many different motifs and hues, his paintings have a flamboyant and lively aura associated to them.


His palette of bright hues of blue, red, ochre, green etc. is dominated mainly by the shades of Red – symbolic of love, power, authority and a sense of belief.

In the above painting, “Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.” Deshmukh’s King and his consort are not what Tolstoy labeled “the slaves of history”. A king is first a man, and a queen is first a woman, if a ‘king does as all men do’ after his ‘regiment is gone’, the queen does as all women do and ‘save the king’. The hues and the crescent moon give voice to how much the King and the Queen belong to each other, even when there is no verbal expression for it.


The artist feels that “The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them”.


The artist makes a deliberate shift from using bright shades to using a mono color – keeping the color Red as it is – to allow for a more thoughtful and highlighting significance of the idea behind his art. According to the artist, the color Black, symbolic of negation in contrast with Red suggests an act of foreshadowing the emotions due to the circumstances of life.


The artist does away with his bright hues to convey a deeper and a complex sense of emotions as evident in the following painting. Red, still the dominant aspect of the painting, overshadows the underlying complexity of the existence with the primary emotion of love.


Caregiver is a splendid work of art by Avinash Deshmukh. This painting is a description of a steadfast woman who is resolved to pilot work and taking care of her infant, while at the same time not sacrificing her fondness and affection to sustain her unsullied demeanor and carriage.
This painting can be called the epitome of love and attachment which is shared by an infant and her ‘caregiver’.

Reflection is another interesting aspect of his paintings. One can see that even minimal use of color reflects the very sense of duality of life and offers unique perspective of the unfamiliar familiarity. Love illuminates the soul, and the conditions of life, dims it. As the color hightens the sense of life, it also exudes stillness of emotions.

Each color is symbolic in its own way and the artist knows the art well to convey a stronger significance through his bold and fluidic strokes.

The artist is a pursuer of contemporary arts and has been felicitated by Uttamrao Patil Kala Mahavidyalaya, Patoda (1999), Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalala, Pune (2005 and 2006) and “Art Vision” 2nd Group Show Award, Mumbai (2014) for his marvelous artwork.

He has numerous shows and exhibitions all over India, to his credit. His work is a part of numerous private collections around the world.


The artist is a celebrated personality in the realm of contemporary artists and is remarkably renowned and appreciated for his incredible mosaics.

The fusion of colors and a deep sense of emotions in his paintings transport you to nostalgia of a pleasant moment in the womb of time.

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