Where love & spirituality converge: The strokes of Om Swami

Love and spirituality are inseparable, for there can be no love without a selfish spirit. When spirituality grows, so does the capability to love.

Love is a scared reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.

Om Swami is a celebrated figure in the realm of art for his significant manifestations of symbolic emotions through his paintings.


Amidst the great question of our time, ‘Will we be motivated by materialistic philosophy or by spiritual power?’ the artist sought a deliberate resort to revolve his artwork around the theme of beauty, love, devotion and inner reflections.

Adhering more to a different approach and of tenor, the paintings of Om swami propounds on certain human traits like sensuality and love using bold and thick strokes. His oils and acrylics are painted in bright vibrant colors.


The figure of ‘She’ highlighted in his paintings; to an extent is an inclusive reconsideration of certain traditional aspects, the archaic women, which has been in the human consciousness for a long period of time.

He believes that man and woman are incomplete in themselves; they are fragments of a single whole, healthy only in close togetherness. He usually paints “Couples” with no eyes, because he is involved more with the character of the subjects than their individual features.


The beauty of his work is in the fluidity and movement of his subjects. Even his emblematic works where no movement is depicted, when one takes a look at the subject, the energy within the painting is well evident to the viewer.

A Divine Touch:

The cultural significance of Ganesha and Krishna may be unknown in other cultures apart India but they still attract, evoke and captivate the viewers. His paintings speak a language that is so universal; it cuts through the layers and connects with something deeper within us.


To create magic ‘outside’ one needs to have magic ‘inside’. How does one create magic outside? Om’s magic is his undying faith – both in the higher being and in him and at a certain level in life and humanity. It adds to this steely resolve, determination, focus and undoubted talent.

It is mesmerizing and striking to see how he considers his “Guru’s blessings” prior to his each artwork, by writing his name on the top left hand corner behind each canvas. Om is a self-taught artist who has received his graduation from L.S Raheja College for Arts & Commerce, Maharashtra. He considers his education a blessing.


He portrays his belief in medidation and spirituality through his confident yet fluid strokes. His canvas itself becomes an entity of reverence.

In his exhibition titled Divine Sutra, he has showcased various manifestations of divinity – Krishna with Radha, Shiva, Buddha and Ganesha. His bright, bold and vibrant colors; the use of flute, flowers, butterflies and the moon in the background create an ethereal and surreal feel.


For both, skeptics and believers, his art provides a connection with the divine, at many levels.

Ganesha :

Ganesha is represented within a circle and with an attention that is soothing. It is the bounding of the unbounded that makes the painting so interesting. There is an inherent impression of wholeness, not least because of the perfection of the composition and the sensitive color range but by nature of the subject itself. It represents contentedness that we should aspire to in our finite set of factors.

The artist has created a niche in the times of tough competition in the artistic world. He withstands his unique style and magnificent artwork. He has been a part of various renowned solo as well as group exhibitions in and around the country.

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