The Flight of Freedom – by Amar Sultan

The attempt is find back the bluebird of happiness amidst the world that is plagued by the pigeon of discontent. The paintings that offer a sense of fresh breeze in the old mechanic world is the remarkable flair of artist Amar Sultan.


The artist’s visual language is diverse and includes a vibrant palette, exquisite strokes, bold textures and a sense of dynamic energy which beautifully conveys a wide array of life.

Born in 1977, Mussoorie the artist is self-trained under his father’s guidance. Art has been intrinsic part of his life and thereon, his journey has been an exciting one.


His works are inspired by a flight of pigeon – symbolic of peace and hope. Their never ceasing fluttering and cooing are one of the many sounds in our immediate surroundings. The artist very magnificently portrays this inspiring interaction of humans and their virtues with that of the pigeons.

The paintings, while portraying contradiction, shun all other contradictions manifest in our society and lives. There is a softness and simplicity in his irreplaceable artistic language.

Unknown copy.jpg

The painting is symbolic of invoking peace through the melody. The red figure is symbolic of love who is mesmerized by the sweet music of hope and depthness. The Golden bird signifies the idea of “Old is Gold”. The pigeons, since ages have been a powerful symbol of communication, likewise in the painting, the pigeons uphold their traditional role to convey love. The painting can also be seen from the perspective of Hindu mythology. The blue figure, symbolising Lord Krishna who is often associated with melodious flute and emotions of love, transports his emotions to his beloved through the flight of pigeons.

The artist is renowned for his astonishing effect manifold in his hues.


Life is all about incorporating various emotions. This idea is well evident behind the paintings of Amar.

The minute details and intricacies developed with the delicate use of brush gives the reader an insight into the construction of life. The fluttering of pigeons is not just seen, but heard while looking at the painting. The idea is not just received, but felt.


The painting beautifully conveys the idea of time : both past and present.

The choice of color – grey and brown symbolise the forgotten and the grounded past. While the popular tradition of the land has been overlapped by the dust of industrialisation, the flight of pigeons have overcome this threat to their existence. Added, the swan amidst the pigeons act as the harbinger of peace and serenity.

The idea of withholding one’s selfhood amidst the adversaries is well evident in this magnificent portrayal.

The artist uses contemporary means of brushwork with bold yet bright hues. He prefers to use oil over his magnificent canvas.

His strokes convey his confident inner landscape and a manifold of age old tradition. He looks forward to the future with a close connection with the past.

The artist’s journey is likened to the flight of pigeons who sore high,leaving behind a significant mark for ages to remember and cherish.

amar-sultan-untitled-III-painting .jpg

His flight is appreciated and acknowledged worldwide. The newness of his idea and the beauty in its projection makes his canvas a breeze of freshness.

Amar has received prestigious recognition in the realm of art for his astounding efforts. The artist has been a part of many solo and group shows, in around the country over the years.

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