Poetess of Strokes: Anu Kulkarni


The brushes are her pen,

The canvas is the paper

The hues become the ink

And her painting, the inner link.


It is the very beauty in the works of Anu Kulkarni that makes the viewer sees her as poet who beautifully carves out her inner landscape on canvas.

“Nature is a beautiful poetry in her canvas… the artist is like a poet and her paintings are a remarkable piece of poetry.”

She alters the artistic conventions in order to mould her fluid thoughts into the canvas.

Deriving an inspiration from the nature around her and envisaging the landscapes where nature is in full bounty, Anu creates abstracts which do justice to her attempt to reflect the music of earth.


An ardent mastery of strokes, strength and maturity in her use of color conveys a sense of fineness.

“This intriguing work of art evokes the image of a Pablo Neruda poem, “Keeping Quiet”. The pacifist mentions the calming effect nature can have if one simply observes rather than wreaking havoc out of restlessness. Such an image of tranquility is presented in the painting which offers more than what meets the eye at the very first glance. The sky tantalizes the ocean with its promise of a horizon and sparse, gentle seascape capsizes the viewers with its many layers as the hushed waves become pages turning over to reveal the entire story.

“Perhaps for the painter there is a day when colour lets her in, when her palette sings with synergy and delight.”


Kulkarni’s canvas, just like our life, is full of colors. An artist looks at the world more closely. When one night comes crawling in, quietness carries all before it. When words become debility, silence or a ‘little quiet cheerfulness’ (as Jane Austin likes to say) compels our imagination and qualifies us to listen carefully. Even swans have a fancy for quietness in a lake.

The artist has successfully managed to invoke this quietus cheer in the hearts of the viewers in a mere glance.

 One can sense a subtle poetry in her compositions. The suggested forms emerge from a haze to merge again with the surrounding landscape of red-brown earth or deep blue and green oceans.


Her artwork suggests different moods of nature through her choice of hues and confident strokes.

The artist, born in 1975 has received her Diploma in Art Education and G.D. Art.

She has been a part of various Exhibitions and Group shows.


Her artwork has bestowed her with prestigious Awards auch as Atur Foundation Exhibition (1999), Art Society of India (1999) and V.V. Oke Foundation State Exhibition, Pune (1995)

Among her collectors in India and Abroad, we also find Standard Chartered Bank, Pune, H.D.F.C. Bank Pune etc.

She has successfully created her niche in the realm of art with an enthusiastic approach and a creative mind. Her paintings leave the admirers in awe and admiration. The artist does manage to narrate poetry through her canvas.

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