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The name Eikowa is derived from the greek word for ‘image’. We aim to create an organization that will mirror the aspirations of our clients by providing the most exclusive merchandise and the best service standards in the industry.

With this guiding principle in mind, Eikowa is determined to create an Art Destination, the first-of-its-kind in India. Eikowa through its online presence and offline services will be the one-stop solution to all art related needs.

Founded in 2015, Eikowa is comprised of a team of art lovers and artists who between them carry 25 years of work experience. Art is the common passion that binds this team into a cohesive unit. From the cubist rebellion of Picasso, to the surrealistic renderings of Dali, every school of art will find a fan among this group of art fanatics. Coming from fields as diverse as banking, retail, finance and IT, our goal is to use this diverse domain expertise to create a unique destination. The ultimate aim of which is, providing the customer with a rich and seamless experience in every interaction.